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Neil Ford - Ely Cambridgeshire

As a performance and development coach and trainer I offer focused knowledge and skills support when you are looking to improve your situation and prospects. It is my role to encourage you to review where you are and then define what you want to achieve and to help you to get there. Although I might offer ideas and suggestions from time to time, I will not make decisions for you.

The very nature of effective, professional coaching is to help you to learn to think through and explore your options. Once you have identified the path you want to take, I will support you until you achieve your desired outcome.

Working Together
The key to your success is for you and I to work together in an honest and open way. At times digging deep or trying new activities may feel uncomfortable. Being challenged to behave differently or to think through your approach to specific scenarios can sometimes seem daunting. However, by giving it a go and then reflecting on what was achieved can have an amazingly positive impact.

Sometimes It Doesn't Feel Right
Do always bear in mind that although I need you to be committed to your goals, it is you who wants things to change. If at any stage you feel that your relationship with me is not working please do not hesitate to let me know

Having A Journal
Mentioned elsewhere in these pages is the suggestion that you start, and adopt, a note-making habit. If you read anything about coaching or being coached, you will almost certainly find references to a ‘journal’ or ‘coaching journal’. Having a journal - somewhere to jot down notes, plan or schedule, can be amazingly supportive and beneficial, and is well worth arranging.

My Style
My style is informal, and what you see is what you get. As you can see from my web pages, I’m not ‘flashy’ and do not do motivational slogans. I’m a highly experienced professional coach and trainer but I’m human.

I expect my clients to bring themselves – their true selves – and commit to the process.

How Can I Help You?
Please contact me to arrange a chat. It is beneficial for both of us to consider whether we want to work together.

Please feel free to contact me by email with any questions, feedback or for more information.
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