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Improving Knowledge & Skills

There are so many ways you can develop your knowledge, skills and talents to improve your situation or prospects. Having made the decision to make serious changes, one of the first things you need to review and establish is what it is you want! It is also valuable to carry out an in-depth appraisal of where you stand right now from various viewpoints.

Using The Questions
The personal development questions offered are intended to help you look at how to improve your knowledge and skills, or to improve your present situation. This might include looking to learn a specific skill, change your job, develop your career, or set up on your own! It is intended to be used in a quiet environment where you have time to consider each question and really think about your current situation.

It offers no answers, just the opportunity to start the process of looking at where you are, and where you want to be, away from the hubbub and the immediate pressures of your work.

Note Making
No matter what you read about focused personal development, note making will almost always be mentioned. The value of note taking cannot be over-emphasised. It helps you consolidate and confirm things in your mind, and notes are often very useful to revisit as a reminder of key details.

Generally, note taking refers to pen and paper, or a notebook - sometimes referred to as a journal, but it doesn't have to. Notes jotted on a laptop, a PC, or your mobile phone are obviously just as effective and useful.

If working on aspects of your personal development is important to you, getting into the note making habit will be found to be exceptionally beneficial.

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Start With Small Steps
Self development, particularly early in your journey, does not have to be complicated or costly. Once you have clarified what it is you want to achieve, look at your options and identify some early steps. Watch some YouTube videos, read articles, blogs or a recommended book, or talk to a knowledgeable supportive friend or colleague. On a more formal route you might enrol on a course, (face-to-face or online), or work with a coach or a mentor. Whatever you use it will enhance your skill, knowledge and understanding, and help you pinpoint precisely what it is you want to develop and why.

And again - whatever your approach, do get into the habit of making notes. They can be so useful for referring back or providing reminders.

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