Local & Regional SEO

Local and regional SEO and website promotion is vitally important to businesses and organisations that rely on a steady flow of sales or enquiries.

What Is It That I Do?

Generally, my focus is on improving your site's Google status together with fine-tuning your pages to inspire confidence in your offer. To do this there is a list of elements that need to be in place and properly set up. Obviously this can take time. We almost always need Google to sit up and take notice too. Again, this can be time-consuming too.
On a recent project the client's site, when using their preferred search term, was initially on page 15 on Google! Quite clearly things had to change. After just a few weeks the site started to make steady progress up the listings. It is now on page 1 in the number 1 or 2 position!

What I Don't Do

If you are broadly happy with your website, that's what I will work with. I am not a designer, so I have no interest whatsoever in reshaping your site. That said, what I may well do is recommend edits or changes that I believe will improve how visitors find your site, and/or how Google wants to see things to give you maximum support.

More Information

You can learn more about me and the specific work I have been involved in by visiting my website and checking out my LinkedIn profile.

To have a chat about your website and what you are looking to achieve please go to the Contact Form or give me a call on 07702 505 703.

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