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Behaviour-Based Interview

Key Lessons Learned

Behaviour-based, or competency-based interview is now used world-wide by most leading organisations as a standard part of their recruitment process. Some of the key lessons learned, (in no particular order), are that effective interviewers:

  • Create a simple behavioural ‘descriptor’ – easy for them to say – easy for their candidate to understand

  • Understand the background and options within Behaviour-Based, or Competency-Based Interview

  • Understand the usual order – as a logical process – and create a prompt sheet

  • Have a good understanding of current legislation

  • Are clear on what they seek – and are prepared to work hard to uncover it

  • Create a ‘good’ environment – are pleasant, clear and professional

  • Allocate time - to prepare physically and mentally; - to write up their notes afterwards

  • Follow best practice – by ‘building’ clear, simple selection specifications, or descriptors, in advance

  • Use effective ‘tagging’ and probing to maintain focus and fully explore the situation described by the candidate

  • New interviewer, or ‘old hand’ – plan to periodically refresh their interview skills

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