Help With My CV

CV development & writing support

Help With My CV
provides local support when you need help with writing or sharpening up your CV and / or your Covering Letter as well as preparing you for a Video Job Interview. It might be for your first job application, a job change, or when you want to update your CV. It could be that you just need a second opinion on the CV you already have.

This is a confidential and personal one-to-one service focused on helping you to create a professional, effective CV and/or Covering Letter to help you get that all-important interview.

I am based near Ely, Cambridge covering Newmarket, Cambridge and Ely.

For an example of a simple CV website and of a partially completed CV, please click HERE.
"I came to Neil for a fresh set of eyes on my CV and covering letter as I had been staring at it for too long. Neil helped with the arrangement of important information and keywords. A few minor changes made a big difference to the way my CV and covering letter can now be read by employers."
K.B. Ely

"Neil, Thank you very much for this, it’s taken on board. We appreciate your thoughts and will think about what we are doing. We really appreciate your help and thank you for everything . I know you're there if we need help."
S.J. Ely

CV support options are listed below next to each service offered. You will find:

- Existing CV Makeover
- New CV Development
- A FREE CV Template which includes some completion notes
- A FREE Covering Letter Template which, again, offers completion notes

Due to the Covid restrictions, this service is offered online and by email, however, whichever option you choose I am likely to need to have a chat to clarify some of the detail.

For more information or to ask any questions please email Neil - Email.

For more information about Neil and his skillset click here and here.


Some key points which relate to every CV:
- Make sure you complete all relevant sections
- Consider the intended reader - make it easy to read
- Keep it simple - avoid waffle
- Run a spell-check and ask someone else to read it through
- Two sides of A4 is about right for any CV. A bit longer for some older applicants
- If applying for a specific role make sure the key skills/attributes are included
- Avoid using mixed or fancy fonts


Under normal circumstances honing your CV and/or Covering Letter will take about 3-4 working days.

Please be prepared to email your CV - or your CV so far - and any other relevant documentation.

CV Makeover

A CV Makeover is offered for those situations where you have a CV but it has not been used for some time and it perhaps needs refreshing. A makeover can also be considered when job applications you are making fail to get that all-important interview.

CV Development

The CV Development service is on offer for those writing their CV for the first time or maybe doing a rewrite and needing input and ideas to bring it to life.

Free CV Template

If you are looking for a widely accepted CV layout which will fit most job applications, click the link below. You will find useful completion notes in italics in each section.
Click here for the CV Template

Free Covering Letter Template

Covering Letters can be very simple, or quite lengthy and detailed. The free one offered here is intended to provide your letter base and can fit most requirements.
Click here for the Covering Letter Template

Video Interview Preparation

Just like a face-to-face interview, you want to come across well. How you sound, how you look, and your body language. Added to your personal behaviour and appearance this requires a good, confident understanding of using and managing your video.
This session is about getting you set up effectively, looking good, and giving you the chance to practice.

Video Interview Practice

Having got your video set up as best it can be, you have the opportunity to have some practice interviews. These may now mirror the interview you attend exactly but they will massively build your confidence and give you a flavour of the sort of questions you might be asked.
Video interview, like face-to-face, relies heavily on how you look, behave and sound. Practice will focus on this and boosting your confidence.